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LoopUp: 2013 in Review

LoopUp link roundup BYOD

Link Roundup: BYOD Edition

A selection of interesting articles, blog posts and videos we’ve spotted this week, all on the topic of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Happy reading! California Court Makes BYOD More […]

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Save the Environment Conference Calls LoopUp

Save the Environment with Conference Calls and Online Meetings

Like most other companies, we’re focused on minimizing our impact on the environment through measures to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and be more energy efficient. It’s an ongoing struggle, […]

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Productive Collaboration LoopUp

ITExpo Panel Discussion on Productive Collaboration

We’ve spoken before at length about how technology is only useful if it solves problems that users actually experience. On Monday, our co-CEO, Steve Flavell, was invited to join a […]

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LoopUp Link Roundup

Link Roundup: Unified Communications and Video Conferencing

A selection of interesting articles, blog posts and videos we’ve spotted this week. Happy reading! The importance of user satisfaction in UC adoption from the Unify Square blog discusses the […]

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conference call security risk factors LoopUp

6 Conference Call Security Risk Factors (Why Visibility Matters!)

I recently wrote about the why visibility is crucially important for conference call security. Without being able to see a live readout of participants, you can never be sure exactly […]

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LoopUp Link Roundup

Link Roundup: UC, the Cloud and More Productive Meetings

A selection of interesting articles and blog posts we’ve spotted this week. Happy reading! Unified Communications: It’s Coming Around Again by Jo Disney discusses the how Unified Communications (UC) in […]

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Video Conferencing Cloud LoopUp

Video Conferencing: How High is the Cloud Really Rising?

I recently read an interesting article by Larry Dignan at Zdnet which discussed a slump in sales of hardware-based video conferencing systems. Larry quotes findings from analysts IDC, who found […]

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LoopUp Security Visibility Conference Calls

Conference Call Security: Why Visibility is Crucial

Conference calls are an everyday activity, with sensitive information frequently shared on them. Despite this, conference call security is typically not given much thought. And yet, in a survey of […]

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Screen sharing for sales LoopUp

Online Sales Meetings: 4 Tips to Keep Online Demos on Track

For most companies, online meetings are now a crucial part of the sales cycle. Although face-to-face meetings have the advantage of helping to build a relationship in person, online demos […]

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Conference Call LoopUp

Is it ‘the End of the Line for the Conference Call?’

Alexis Madrigal recently posed the question, “Have We Reached The End Of The Line For The Conference Call?” during a broadcast for NPR, transcribed on the NPR tech blog. In […]

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