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LoopUp: 2013 in Review

Video Conferencing Cloud LoopUp

Video Conferencing: How High is the Cloud Really Rising?

I recently read an interesting article by Larry Dignan at Zdnet which discussed a slump in sales of hardware-based video conferencing systems. Larry quotes findings from analysts IDC, who found […]

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LoopUp Security Visibility Conference Calls

Conference Call Security: Why Visibility is Crucial

Conference calls are an everyday activity, with sensitive information frequently shared on them. Despite this, conference call security is typically not given much thought. And yet, in a survey of […]

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Screen sharing for sales LoopUp

Online Sales Meetings: 4 Tips to Keep Online Demos on Track

For most companies, online meetings are now a crucial part of the sales cycle. Although face-to-face meetings have the advantage of helping to build a relationship in person, online demos […]

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Conference Call LoopUp

Is it ‘the End of the Line for the Conference Call?’

Alexis Madrigal recently posed the question, “Have We Reached The End Of The Line For The Conference Call?” during a broadcast for NPR, transcribed on the NPR tech blog. In […]

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Conference Calls Less Popular than the World Cup

Breaking News: Conference Calls Less Popular than World Cup

It’s unlikely to have missed your attention that there is a major international soccer tournament taking place at the moment. And if you suspected that productivity would be down as […]

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Conferencing Smartphone App BYOD and Productivity LoopUp

BYOD and Productivity: Why You Need a Good Conferencing Smartphone App

Smartphones are increasingly the norm in the workplace, and while many companies have embraced BYOD, not all collaboration tools provide useful smartphone apps to aid productivity. While conferencing is an […]

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Loopup Silver Winner Customer Service Awards

LoopUp Silver Winner in Customer Sales and Service World Awards 2014

Last night we attended the Customer Sales and Service World Awards 2014 banquet as a finalist for Customer Service Department of the Year. I am delighted to report that we […]

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LoopUp Finalist for Customer Sales and Service World Awards 2014

LoopUp Finalist for Customer Sales and Service World Awards 2014

I’m delighted to announce that the LoopUp Customer Support team has been named as a finalist in the Customer Sales and Service World Awards 2014. We are competing in the […]

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Conferencing and online meetings provider LoopUp

Conferencing and Online Meetings: 5 Tips for Choosing a Provider

Conference calls and online meetings are an essential everyday business activity, albeit one that people tend to dislike. If you’re considering switching providers – or choosing a conferencing provider for […]

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Bangor University Law Students at LoopUp

Tech City Law: LoopUp Showcases Law Opportunities in London Tech Scene

Following on from my visit to Bangor University back in December 2013, when I was invited to discuss my experience of life as a tech lawyer, Dr Pedro Telles from […]

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