Conference Settings

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How can I access my LoopUp™ account?

You have an online account area at

Here, you can create LoopUp invites, join or view a call that is occurring, access your conference information, and change your conference settings. You can also create new conference rooms, access your call history, add billing codes to your calls, download call recordings and update your profile.

If you manage conferences on behalf of others, these conference rooms will be shown here, too.

You can also complete your setup at any time by clicking ‘My Setup’ – when you’re 100% set up, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf!

What is my default conference?

When you get your account, there will be a conference room already associated with it (also known as a default conference room). The codes for this conference room will always remain the same. You can create new conference rooms anytime, but you will never be able to delete your default conference, though you can rename it if you wish.

Do I need to create a conference room every time I have a call?

No. Here are some examples of when you might want to create a new conference room: you have back-to-back meetings (that might overlap), you want extra security, or you want separate access codes for different clients or projects. Otherwise you can use your default conference details whenever you want for any call.

What is the Call History page?

The Call History page displays details of your calls. Information such as the Billing Code, participant phone numbers and names, and the duration that each individual participant was on the call can be found for calls held within the last three calendar months.

How can I update billing codes, and where are they displayed?

Billing codes can be updated before, during, or after a call.

Before a call: You can log in to to create a conference room which will allow you to add a billing code at the same time, or choose an existing conference room and click ‘Edit room settings’ to add the billing code. When you do this, every call on that conference will have the same billing code unless it is changed after the call.

During a call: You can add a billing code when viewing the call in your browser or in the Smartphone App by clicking ‘Controls’ and ‘Add Billing Code’.

After a call: After completing your call, you’ll receive an email which summarizes who was on the call and for how long, and gives you a link to the call in where you can add/change the billing code for the call. You can also log in to directly and find the call in the Call History section, then add the billing code.

Note that if you have the add-in for Outlook® or the smartphone app you can apply a setting so that you will be prompted to enter a billing code every time you join a call through the add-in or smartphone app. In the add-in click ‘More’ then check ‘Prompt for billing code when I join.’ In the smartphone app click ‘Settings’ then select ‘Prompt for Code’.

Billing codes can be updated at any time during the calendar month in which the call was held and will appear on the monthly invoice, itemized for each call and listed as part of a summary report.

Where can I access my call recordings?

Call recordings can be accessed from the ‘My Call History’ page and are available for download, as an MP3 file, for 60 days after the call. Users can delete the recordings manually after downloading, or simply wait for the system to automatically remove them after 60 days.

Can I edit my personal numbers?

Yes. The numbers in your profile were given to us by the account administrator to set up your account. These numbers can be edited at any time via your profile page in, at which point they will be updated for you in all of our apps and tools: the Outlook add-in, Smartphone apps and LoopUp on a web browser.

Can I change my email address?

We can create a new account with your new email address, but your conference access codes will change. Your email address is used as a unique way of identifying you in the LoopUp platform, and is therefore directly associated with the leader and participant codes that are created for your account. As a result of this, the email address cannot be changed without changing the access codes at the same time. If you have further questions about this, please contact support.

What conference settings can I edit in

Here are some of the conference settings you can edit for each conference room you have, by choosing the conference room from the ‘Select room’ menu dropdown and clicking ‘Edit room settings’:

Leader Starts Conference: This keeps all the participants on hold until the leader joins. No one will be able to speak to each other until you (the leader) join the call.

Leader Ends Conference: This ends the call as soon as you (the leader) hang up. This can be helpful if you don’t want participants to be able to talk to each other once you leave the call. However, we don’t usually recommend enabling this setting, as if you accidentally drop from the call (for example, because you are on a mobile and lose reception) then all of your participants would also be dropped from the call.

Lecture mode: This mutes all participants for the duration of the call, or until you click ‘Controls’ and ‘Resume All’ from the web browser or the Smartphone App. Participants can unmute themselves by pressing ##1. This is useful for calls when one person is addressing the rest of the group, for example, a monthly sales call.

Auto-record: This starts recording automatically when the call begins.