Managing Your Call

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How do I record my conference call?

When viewing your call live from your web browser or smartphone app, click ‘Controls’ then ‘Record Call’. You can start or stop recording at any time and everyone on the call will hear an audio notification that the call is being recorded. After the call, you will receive an email with a link to access your recording from your call account area.

How do I find a specific dial-in number?

You can find all of the dial-in numbers available for your account from the LoopUp™ Add-in for Outlook® and Click ‘Invite’/‘Create Invite’ then click ‘Add/Remove Dial-in Numbers’. You’ll see a list of available dial-in numbers that you can select to include in your conference invites. If you don’t see the number you’re looking for, please contact LoopUp Support.

What can I ‘control’ on my conference call?

LoopUp™ lets you control a few useful things on your call, all designed to solve familiar problems on conference calls. These include:

  • Always knowing ‘who just joined’ and ‘who’s speaking’
  • Adding missing guests
  • Muting distracting background noise
  • Placing guests ‘on-hold’ to have a private sidebar conversation
  • Recording the call
What is the best way to control a LoopUp meeting?

You can control your call from any web browser, whether on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, use our mobile or tablet apps for iPhone, iPad, Android™ and BlackBerry®.

Which smartphones do you support?

First, to be quite clear, you can participate in the audio conference from ANY phone at all, whether mobile or landline. However, for conference control via our mobile apps, we support:

  • iOS versions 6 to 8
  • Android versions 2.1 and later
  • BlackBerry OS versions 5 to 7
Which browsers do you support?

To be clear, with LoopUp you do not join the audio conference with your computer’s microphone or connected headset. With LoopUp, you use a regular phone (any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world) to participate in the audio conference. However, you can access the web page to control your call on the following browser types and versions:

  • IE versions 8 and later
  • Safari version 5.1 and later
  • Chrome all versions
  • Firefox versions 3.6 and later

Please note that Flash 10.1 or later is required

How do the LoopUp apps display participants’ names?

There are two main ways that we are able to display participants’ names:

  1. If a participant uses the invite join link, LoopUp collects and displays their name as well as their phone number;
  2. If a participant dials in, we try to match the number they’re calling from with a number in your Contacts or with other users in your company’s account.
Why are some of the participants on my call are listed as ‘Unknown’ or ‘Number Withheld’?

If we’re unable to display a name, we would normally display the participant’s phone number instead. However, if the participant chooses to withhold their phone number, then we show that participant as ‘Unknown’ or ‘Number withheld’.

Can I join the audio conference from my mobile phone and, at the same time, use the app for control?

Yes, as long as you have a 4G, 3G, UMTS, or EVDO data connection that permits simultaneous voice and data. If you have a GPRS or EDGE data connection, you will only be able to either speak or use the app – not both at once. Check with your mobile phone service provider as to whether you are able to use voice and data simultaneously.

If I’m using the LoopUp mobile app to monitor/control my conference call, can I still receive incoming calls on my mobile?

Yes – your smartphone will still ring as normal and you may answer if you wish. Please note that some smartphone users are not able to use voice and data services simultaneously. If you are only able to use voice or data at one time, you will remain connected to the call once you answer it from your smartphone, but you will not be able to control the call via the smartphone app.

If my smartphone is turned off, or does not have a data signal, will my LoopUp conference still function?

Yes – your conference call will still function completely independently of the mobile app. The mobile apps give you very helpful visibility and control of the call, but they’re entirely optional and not a requirement.

If I’m not online, can I still mute my line if I’m in a place with a lot of background noise?

Yes – you can mute your own line by pressing ##1 on your phone keypad at any time. To unmute your line when you need to speak, press ##1 again.