Starting the Meeting

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How do I find a specific dial-in number?

You can find all of the dial-in numbers available for your account from the LoopUp™ Add-in for Outlook® and Click ‘Invite’/‘Create Invite’ then click ‘Add/Remove Dial-in Numbers’. You’ll see a list of available dial-in numbers that you can select to include in your conference invites. If you don’t see the number you’re looking for, please contact LoopUp Support.

What is the best way to join a LoopUp™ meeting?

Definitely use the LoopUp join link! This has two powerful benefits:

  1. LoopUp calls out to you immediately on the phone that you specify; there’s no more need to worry about dial-in numbers and access codes;
  2. This link then takes you to a web page where you can see who else is on the call and view the host’s screen if they choose to share visual content during the meeting.
So, LoopUp calls out to my phone. That’s great normally, but what if circumstances mean I really need to dial in, in the traditional way?

That’s fine – you can always still dial in with LoopUp. We recommend using the join link as it will give you a better experience, but if you need to or prefer to dial in, that’s fine too. We have an extensive range of international dial-in numbers.