Screen Sharing

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What is screen sharing?

Screen sharing is an easy way to share what’s on your screen with others, at any time during your meeting. With one click you can share your screen, and guests don’t have to download anything to view your screen.

How do I start screen sharing?

In your LoopUp meeting, click the orange ‘Share My Screen’ button.  The first time you do this, follow the 1-minute set-up instructions. A green box will appear to say your screen is shared.

Can I let guests share their screens?

Yes – click the Options icon at the bottom of your meeting, then select ‘Guest Screen Sharing’ and choose ‘Guests can share’ or ‘Guests ask permission’.

So, if I dial in to the meeting rather than use the link, how will I be able to view the screen sharing?

If you are a guest, to view screen sharing if you’ve dialed in: Go to the meeting invite and click the link. When prompted, select ‘Enter Meeting Key’ and enter the Meeting Key provided by the host. If you’re the host of the meeting and you’ve dialed in, you’ll need to enter your meeting via the link, Outlook toolbar or