Creating Users

As an Administrator you can choose the way in which you add users to your company’s LoopUp account. Start by going to the ‘Add Users’ tab and reviewing the options available on your account. Most accounts will see the following options in the ‘Add Users’ tab of their administrator section of

  • ‘Invite Users to Sign Up’ – Simply invite new users to sign up via your company’s page. Users will enter their details and verify them in order to begin using their new account.
  • ‘Create New Users’ – You can create an account for users by entering their details. A new account activation email will be sent to each user, which allows them to set their password, and receive their details via email.

Sign up users by invitation

The easiest way to create accounts for your users is to send them an invite to create their own account via your company’s unique sign up page. Click on the ‘Send an email invitation’ link to open a pre-formatted email containing your company’s unique url; send this to users and they will be able to create their own account when needed.

Users will have to enter a valid email address, with a permitted domain that has been pre-configured on your account, to create a LoopUp account.

Need additional domains added to your account? Contact support

The user will be sent a verification email after pressing the ‘Create My Account’ button. Clicking on the verification link in the email will take them to a page where they can create a password and complete the set-up of their LoopUp account. An account will not be created unless the user verifies their email address via this process.

Create a new user

As an administrator you can create users directly if you have their details available.

Click ‘Create a new user’ to begin creating a single user account. Enter their First Name, Last Name and Email, select the appropriate account Type – User or Administrator – enter a desk/office or mobile phone number, adjust their time zone according to their location, enter a default billing code if required, select their Group and Office location and finally adjust their meeting room settings as appropriate. (If you don’t see options for the correct Group or Office, please contact support to have these added to your account.) Click ‘Create User’.

When you create a user, we send that user an email with a link to begin using their new account. Use the postpone option if you want to send this email later. Select ‘Immediate’ or ‘Postpone’ and then click on ‘Continue’.

Once this is complete you will see the new user’s details on the ‘Manage Users’ page. You will also see confirmation that the activation email was sent to the user (if you chose to send one) along with the date and time it was sent. Once the user receives the email and verifies their account by creating a new password, a welcome email will be sent to the user, confirmed with the date and time.

Allow users to auto-provision (via SSO)

If your account is set up with Single Sign-on (SSO), you have the option of enabling auto-provisioning. With SSO, users can sign in to LoopUp using their company credentials, via your Identity Provider (IdP). With auto-provisioning, an account will be created for them as soon as they sign in if they don’t already have a LoopUp account. Please contact support for more details on enabling this setting.