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Save the Environment with Conference Calls and Online Meetings

Save the Environment with Conference Calls

Like most other companies, we’re focused on minimizing our impact on the environment through measures to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and be more energy efficient.  It’s an ongoing struggle, but very worthwhile – and likely essential for the future of our planet.  One thing we find simple to do, though, is reducing our environmental impact through the use of conference calls and online meetings.  If you have environmental objectives on your agenda, here are 3 quick ways that conferencing can help:

1. Drastically reduce your business travel

Conference calls and online meetings are clearly a great way to meet when you can’t be together in person, but if you make use of them even when you could be in the same place (assuming that you’re not all in the same office already!), then they become invaluable in reducing travel.  By participating in meetings remotely rather than all traveling to be in the same place, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as saving money.

2. Increase productivity

Hosting meetings via conference calls and online meetings not only saves you money and reduces your carbon emissions, but it also increases productivity, since there is no wasted time traveling to and from meetings.  Conference calls are great if you only need to discuss something, but if you have visuals you need to share, then web conferencing is a must, letting you share what’s on your screen with others to illustrate your point and keep everyone on the same page.

3. An environmental policy that people will actually adopt

It can be difficult to get everyone on board with environmental policies; often the behaviour change that’s asked for is seen as tedious.  Without employees bought into such changes, they can be seen as a chore and often not carried out as they should be.  However, conferencing – assuming you have an easy-to-use service in place – is easy for people to adopt, and should make their lives easier.  So, linking conferencing to your environmental policy is an easy win in terms of getting employees to feel as though they are contributing to this movement without much effort on their part – and it may increase the likelihood of them carrying out other tasks they are supposed to, in a virtuous circle.

Leveraging conferencing is an easy way to cut down on travel while keeping productivity levels high, and effecting positive cultural change towards an office that is invested in environmental objectives.  For this to be a success, though, you need a conferencing service that helps solve typical conference call problems (such as not knowing who’s on your call), as well as being very simple to use, so that everyone will get on board without frustration.

Want to know more about LoopUp?

LoopUp (LSE AIM: LOOP) is a premium remote meetings solution for better, more productive conference calls. We help companies reduce carbon emissions from business travel by enabling them to use virtual meetings in situations where face-to-face meetings would otherwise be required. Over 5,000 organizations around the world trust LoopUp with their important remote meetings, from multinationals like Travelex, Kia Motors, Clifford Chance, and National Geographic to fast-growing SMEs, professional services firms and public sector organizations. You’ll find us in 17 global office locations, working around the clock to help companies unlock the true potential of their conference calls.

If you’d like to find out more about the ways that LoopUp can enhance your firm’s conference calls and reduce unnecessary business travel, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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