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Promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing with BMJ

Founded over 170 years ago as the first-ever medical journal, BMJ understands the intrinsic value of knowledge sharing and collaboration. Now one of the world’s leading healthcare knowledge providers, BMJ helps medical organizations and clinicians around the globe tackle today’s most critical healthcare challenges by providing cutting edge academic research, professional development solutions and clinical decision support tools.

To produce its industry-leading research and support, BMJ needs to connect and enable over 550 editors, academics, medical professionals, product engineers, salespeople and operations staff across its seven global offices.

After many years using traditional audio conferencing and incurring unexpected, heavy charges from a secondary web conferencing tool, BMJ sought a more modern solution that would help enhance collaboration throughout the organization and deliver better value for the price.

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“At BMJ, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We couldn’t produce our ground-breaking research or the support tools that so many medical professionals rely on without interacting and sharing with our peers around the world,” said Vimal Patel, Facilities Manager at BMJ. “We needed a modern, streamlined conferencing product. There are products out there that could do the job, and then there are products that do the job and then some. That’s LoopUp.”

At BMJ, employees rely on fit-for-purpose tools from Google for their business email and chat, and when it comes to important, day-to-day conference calls and screen sharing, users turn to LoopUp.

“LoopUp is the best tool, and for some maybe the only tool, they use to connect multiple people around the company,” continued Patel. “Our users rely on LoopUp for everything from running business meetings and collaborating on research, to pitching sales or brainstorming the next product we want to produce.”

At BMJ, screen sharing with LoopUp has been a marked improvement from their previous provider. With LoopUp’s intuitive interface, BMJ users can easily share their screens with one click and view others’ screens from any device, which Patel says encourages more people to collaborate visually during calls.

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“Having a phone call is one thing, but the ability to quickly initiate screen sharing without the hassle and confusion that comes with most web conferencing tools is key,” said Patel. “We didn’t have that before. Our previous supplier offered screen sharing, but it was not laid out in a way that made it easy for people to use. With LoopUp, screen sharing is superb and I see many people using it regularly.”

Since deploying LoopUp, BMJ has noted that the number of issues received by its internal service desk has been minimal, and that the technology really runs itself. In fact, “we’ve actually had feedback from users on the added value that LoopUp provides,” Patel noted. BMJ also benefits from LoopUp’s transparent invoicing and easy-to-use administration portal. “LoopUp helps us understand our usage and ask the right questions so that we get the most out of the product while managing costs. The customer service and support behind LoopUp is really second-to-none.”

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