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Enabling global business with Travelex

Travelex, one of the leading foreign currency exchange companies in the world, serves over 37 million customers every year across 26 countries. For Travelex, enabling global collaboration is a top priority – and employing a streamlined, easy-to-use conferencing tool is critical to their success.

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“Our internal users are spread across the globe and include everyone from our executive and senior management teams, to individual users in a variety of roles throughout the organization,” said Ian Stewart, Telecommunications Specialist at Travelex. “They all need to have regular conversations with people around the business, our partners and external suppliers, and conferencing is one of our primary communication tools.”

Dissatisfied with their traditional audio conferencing provider, Travelex was looking for a more modern solution with a better user experience and a global footprint to match their own. After a trial that garnered positive feedback from early users, Travelex selected LoopUp.

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“The most important criteria for us in selecting a new conferencing provider were reliability and their global presence. We need a single solution that can be accessed from anywhere around the world, in all the countries we trade in,” continued Stewart. “Its global availability and the ease-of-use for both audio conferencing and screen sharing were key factors in our selection of LoopUp.”

Travelex was particularly impressed with the ability for users to click a link to join their meetings and have LoopUp call them on a phone number of their choice. According to Travelex, this unique capability makes entry into meetings far easier for their global user base and means that the majority of people no longer need to remember dial-in numbers and access codes.

“LoopUp has addressed the basic issues of conferencing in a very straightforward way that gives users the features they need, when they need them,” said Stewart.

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At Travelex, users rely on Outlook as their primary email and calendar tool, and the majority of users now leverage the LoopUp tool for Outlook to schedule and join their meetings. In addition, Travelex users click to join rather than dial in to the majority of their meetings. Travelex users also use LoopUp’s one-click screen sharing for interactions with multiple people at the same time. This feature has been used for activities like conducting basic employee training to when executives present to the business.

For Travelex, account administration has improved since switching to LoopUp, including provisioning and de-provisioning users. “We’ve found that once we set up a LoopUp account we really don’t have to do anything, everything’s in hand,” added Stewart. Additionally, Travelex, which runs its own internal service desk, has noted that the number of recorded issues with LoopUp has been very minimal.

“I believe that the way LoopUp operates – as a global service that is easy for everyone to use – it just makes doing business easier,” continued Stewart. “LoopUp really is the easiest way to bring people together into a conference from anywhere around the world.”

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