Global cloud telephony in Microsoft Teams is a $47 billion opportunity for partners like you

Many large enterprise and multi-national organisations waste countless hours managing telephony systems and suppliers. Now, the acceleration in adoption of cloud telephony and the exponential growth of Microsoft Teams combined has created a unique opportunity for partners to address these challenges.

Read on to understand how LoopUp can help you unlock this huge revenue opportunity

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The global cloud telephony market

Cloud telephony has been steadily growing in popularity for a number of years. However, this industry is primed to explode, as organisations bring forward plans to unify telephony with remote collaboration technologies like Microsoft Teams, in a single unified platform


What are the key drivers?

cloud services

Surge in
adoption of
cloud services

flexible working

acceptance of
flexible working

mobile devices

penetration of
mobile devices

reduce operational costs

Opportunity to
significantly reduce
operational costs

The benefits of cloud telephony for multinational customers


Mobility & flexibility
Allow users to work from any location


Increased productivity
Advanced features designed to make work simpler


Reliability & security
A secure global architecture with a single SLA

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency
A predictable monthly charge for all services

The rapid growth and ubiquity of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams adoption has increased by 323% CAGR over the past 2 years, exceeding all analyst projections. As the ‘front end’ of Office 365 and as an integrated part of new Windows Operating Systems in the near future, its huge growth is set to continue


Monthly active users as of July 2019




Monthly active users as of June 2023


24 organisations have more than 100,000 users of Teams


Around 3,000 organisations have more than 10,000 users

The opportunity

We have nearly 80 million monthly active Teams Phone users, with total calls surpassing 1 billion in a single month this quarter, and we’re just getting started

Satya Nadella
Microsoft chairman and CEO – 27th July, 2021

The addressable market of Teams collaboration users, ready to consider voice in Teams is huge

Usage of voice in Teams is rapidly accelerating, but many customers are yet to adopt the advanced telephony features of Microsoft Phone System

one partner - loopup

An estimated 1-2 million users have already migrated to Microsoft Phone System for advanced telephony features. A massive opportunity remains for partners to migrate their customers too

Multinational customers want the simplicity and efficiency of one partner to manage their global telephony end to end

Benefits of a single, cloud-based Teams telephony service for multinational customers

managed service

A fully managed, high availability service, without the overhead of managing disparate hardware systems and multiple providers

one provider

One provider responsible for voice quality globally, removes vendor conflict and improves customer service

user management

Simplified user management, billing and customer support, through one easy to use interface


Outsourcing critically important telephony services to a global Microsoft voice expert allows internal IT teams to re-focus on strategically important initiatives

Why should we work with LoopUp?

Cloud telephony is a regulated practice globally. Service providers must be licensed with in-country regulators to be able to provide compliant, end-to-end telephony

67 Countries

LoopUp is licensed in more countries than any provider - and growing

global network

Premium voice

Our global network is optimised for resiliency and performance, leveraging 20 carefully selected Tier-1 regional carriers for best-in-class voice quality


Speed to

Building infrastructure, developing relationships with telcos and becoming regulated globally is complex, time consuming and expensive


Agility, experience & exceptional support

LoopUp’s expert team handles the complexities of delivering a global telephony service including local tax, emergency services, number porting and management

LoopUp is ready to support you today.