Managing Users

Go to the Manage Users tab to see a list of Active and Terminated LoopUp Users. From this page you can view the details for all of your active users, edit a user’s details, terminate any user, and export a list of users.

On this page you will also see the email address associated with each user’s account, their current default Host Dial-in Code and Guest Dial-in Code, their default Billing Code, profile type, Group, Office and dates for when their activation and/or welcome email were last sent. Click on a user to edit some of this information.

Edit a user’s details

Click on a user to get to the Edit User page. On this page you can edit the user’s First or Last Name, change their account Type, and assign them to a new Group or Office. Please note it is not possible to edit/change a user’s email address as we use the email address to uniquely identify a user to a set of access codes. If a user’s email address changes then simply follow the instructions for creating a new user.

Administrators do not have access to a user’s password, nor do they have the ability to change a user’s password. Click ‘Send password to user’ if the user needs a password reminder sent to their email address.

If you don’t see options for the correct Group or Office, please contact support to have these added to your account.

Terminate and reactivate users

To terminate a user, click on a user to get to the Edit User page; from there click on the Terminate User button. The user will be deactivated immediately and their codes and log in details will cease to work.

Note that when you terminate a user all of their access codes and any meeting rooms they have created will be removed from the system and cannot be recovered, even if you re-activate the user.

To reactivate a user click on a user to get to the Edit User page; from there click on the Reactivate User button. New codes will be created for the user which can be delivered via a activation email (see below).

Export a user list

Click Export user list to CSV from the Manage Users Page.

Send or resend activation emails

If a user needs their details sent to them again, or if you have delayed the activation email going out to a new user, and need to send it later, click the Send activation emails link from the Manage Users Page. Select the user(s) from the list and click Send.

The activation email sent date will be updated for that user once the email has been sent.