Control Your Meeting

LoopUp lets you control what’s happening in your meeting from your computer or mobile device.

Select the Options icon on the bottom right-hand of your meeting to access controls that affect the entire meeting. Controls related to an individual guest can be accessed by hovering over the guest on the left-hand side of your meeting.

Add a missing guest

Click ‘Add Guest’, then copy and share the meeting link with missing guests or click ‘Call Guest Now’, enter their name and phone number and LoopUp will call them.

Mute background noise

Hover over the guest you wish to mute, then click the Mute icon.  To mute everyone, click the Options icon on the bottom right-hand side of the meeting, then select ‘Mute all guests’.

Place people on hold

To put someone on hold, hover over the guest then click the Hold icon. To put everyone on hold, click the Options icon on the bottom right-hand side of the meeting and select ‘Hold all guests’.  You can bring these lines back at any time by clicking the Hold icon next to the individual guest or by selecting ‘Resume all’ after clicking the Options icon.

Record the meeting

Click the Record icon on the bottom right-hand side of the meeting.  Everyone on the meeting will hear an audio notification that the meeting is being recorded, and the icon will turn red. To stop recording, click the icon again. After the meeting ends you will receive an email with a link to access your recording.

Add a billing code

You can add a billing code before, during or after a meeting. During a meeting, click the Options icon, then ‘Set billing code’.  Enter a billing code, then click ‘Save’.

End the call

Select the Options icon and click ‘End meeting’ to end the meeting and disconnect everyone. Each person can also hang up. The meeting will end (and screen sharing will stop) automatically when there is no one left on the meeting.