Send an Invite for Your Meeting

Hosting a remote meeting usually starts with inviting your guests to the call. With LoopUp™, all you have to do is send your meeting details to your guests so that they can join the meeting at the time you choose.


Sign in to, choose your meeting from the ‘Select room’ dropdown menu, then click ‘Create Invite’. If needed, you can add or remove dial-in numbers. Then, either create a calendar invite or copy the invite to send to guests.

Using LoopUp for Outlook®

LoopUp for Outlook is a tool that gives you the benefit of quick invitations from within Outlook. To create an invite, find the LoopUp toolbar located at the top of your Outlook window, click ‘Create LoopUp Invite’, then click ‘Insert’ to paste your meeting details into a normal calendar invite. If you want to add international numbers, just click ‘Edit Dial-in Numbers’ before clicking ‘Insert’ to show additional dial-in numbers you can add to your invite.

Learn more and download LoopUp for Outlook.

Using LoopUp for iOS or Android

Select ‘Invite’ or ‘Create Invite’ from the app home screen. Edit invitation as required and send.

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