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Link Roundup: Technology News

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This month’s link roundup is a selection of interesting articles, blog posts and videos we have found this month on the topic of technology news on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tech City News has a great recap of The Year in Tech – 2014, which runs through some of the biggest stories this year, predominantly in the UK. Among other news included in this video is the announcement at SXSW festival that Austin has added the London borough of Hackney as its thirteenth sister city, in recognition of its thriving tech scene; it is no coincidence that this borough is where we have chosen to locate our London headquarters!

The main success story highlighted in this video is the growth of financial technology (fintech) in the UK, with many British startups debuting this year. Such is the success of fintech that Tech City News also publishes a separate Fintech Monthly review, and its Christmas edition has just gone live. Beneath this video is a poem that praises fintech’s outstanding performance in 2014:

“Twas a fortnight before Christmas, when all through London town,
Every creature was stirring, and please note this down,
That the word on the street is, (don’t take it from me)
That 2014 was ‘the’ year for financial technology.”

Crossing the Atlantic now, CrunchWeek has a weekly wrap-up of tech news with more of a US slant. This week’s edition discusses Ello, problems Apple is currently facing, and startups.

Finally, on a more festive note, Mashable reported on Google’s Made in Code initiative, which was created earlier in 2014 to foster young girls’ interest in computer science. Made in Code has made it possible for girls to use a beginner programming language to animate the lights decorating the park that surrounds U.S. President Barack Obama’s home. This project lets these young coders to see the tangible effects of code in a fun – and high-profile – way, and the glittering results can be viewed on the National Christmas Tree Lighting 2014 website.

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