Say goodbye to painful conference calls

Still dialing in with phone numbers and access codes? At LoopUp, our mission is to move businesses away from dial-in to better, more secure remote meetings.

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A premium meeting experience

Constantly asking who just joined. Distracting background noise. Problems sharing content. We believe your important, daily remote meetings have been painful for too long. LoopUp offers a better experience that won’t slow you down.


An exceptional experience

No training required, LoopUp is intuitive, streamlined and anticipates your needs.


For the enterprise

Always putting quality first, LoopUp offers the reliability and security required by today’s global enterprise.


That works where you work

LoopUp easily integrates with the common tools you already use every day.

Focus on what's important

Whether you’re negotiating a multi-party deal or collaborating with colleagues around the globe, LoopUp keeps you focused on the business at hand, not on the meeting.

  • Seamless invites and meeting entry from tools you already use
  • Conversations enriched with context and control
  • One click to guide your guests to richer collaboration capabilities
Why LoopUp?
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It's about time

How much time do you waste fumbling for dial-in numbers, dealing with background noise, or asking ‘who just joined?' and 'can you see my screen?' Let's look at the numbers.

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