ONE GLOBAL Provider for Microsoft Teams Telephony

LoopUp exists to provide multinational businesses with one global provider for Microsoft Teams Calling. Simplifying vendor management, leveraging economies of scale, centralizing telephony management and support globally.

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Consolidate telephony vendors to LoopUp with compliant cloud PSTN replacement in more countries than any other provider.


LoopUp removes the complexity, inefficiency and cost associated with managing a fragmented global telephony estate that has multiple contracts with multiple regional carriers, multiple administration tools and support processes.

  • Flexible cloud telephony delivery methods via Operator Connect, Direct Routing (DRaaS), or Bring Your own Carrier (BYoC)
  • Integrate third-party solutions e.g. contact center, policy-based recording, legacy on-premises PBXs FAX, DECT.
  • In-house Microsoft Teams consulting expertize

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ONE GLOBAL Network of voice carriers

Our private global IP multipoint MPLS network has peerings with 18 carefully selected tier-1 regoinal carriers with QoS optimized for voice. We score the audio quality of all our carrier partners, so that we’re always providing ‘Highest Quality Routing’ globally.

  • Licensed telecommunications service provider in more countries than any other
  • Domestic CLI presentation
  • DID number ranges and porting
  • Emergency services calling, including dynamic E911 in the US
One global network of voice carriers

A licensed telecom service provider with a premium private voice network that partners with 18 top regional voice carriers for best routing quality.

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Centralize telephony users and DIDs as you do with Teams users. With role and location based administrator access for service provision, globally.

ONE GLOBAL Management portal

Take charge of your telephony and manage your global estate from one log-in.

  • Role and location based access for distributed management
  • Administer numbers (order new, port requests, track and assign numbers)
  • User provisioning and management
  • Support and system status
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Invoices

Migrate away from fragmented regional telephony to simplified, centralized next gen telephony.

ONE GLOBAL Support team

Work with our highly-accredited Microsoft Teams Phone experts, to migrate seamlessly to LoopUp and benefit from:

  • One consistent global support process for all your users
  • In-house 24/7 multi-lingual, follow-the-sun global support
  • Global network operations optimizing call quality and network performance
  • Global account management with regular service reviews
One global support team

Benefit from one support process globally, with 24/7 multi-lingual support and network performance monitoring, from operations centers in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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Centralize spend globally for better purchasing power. Optimize usage with GlobalPooling™ to minimize spend and wastage.

ONE GLOBAL Pricing tariff

Optimize your global spend. We believe multinationals should leverage their full scale, globally, to reduce telephony costs.

  • Review and monitor telephony usage across your business
  • Benefit from flexible pricing, adjusted within the contract term, to better suit your needs
  • Utilize LoopUp’s GlobalPooling™, to optimize spend and minimize wastage across all users globally

Our approach

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Advice and

Our Microsoft Voice Experts will help define solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll assist with the design of call-flows and policies, take care of any 3rd party software integrations, and help you plan your end-user device requirements.

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We’ll ensure you are prepared for the roll out of Teams Phone across your business, helping configure your tenant, setting up auto attendants and call queues, managing new numbers or porting requests, and connecting users to LoopUp’s global voice network.

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In-house 24/7 monitoring and support

We monitor network performance and call quality from operations centers in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Use our self-service admin portal for user provisioning, number management, support, invoicing and analysis, or access our in-house 24/7 multi-lingual support team.

Microsoft Solutions Partner since 2010

We are a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, and also hold three Advanced Specializations which means we meet a demanding set of performance criteria.

Calling for Microsoft Teams, Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams, and Adoption and Change Management are each awarded to a limited number of partners that demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success.

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Microsoft Operator Connect Certified in 66 Countries

LoopUp is the top ranked Operator Connect provider for Teams Phone Calling, covering 66 countries, with more countries coming soon.

LoopUp can also provide Direct Routing (DRaaS) in many more locations, as well as Bring your own Carrier (BYoC) for countries outside of our coverage. Regardless of chosen deployment method, you benefit from our global management portal, so that all your telephony globally is managed in one central place.