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Moving Your Global Telephony to the Cloud: The Definitive RFP Toolkit for Teams Telephony

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Creating an RFP might seem like an impossible task, so LoopUp has done the heavy lifting for you – we’ve designed the definitive RFP toolkit that includes everything you’ll need to run a successful RFP for Teams Telephony.

If you’re thinking about moving your telephony to the cloud through Microsoft Teams, you’re in good company. Many forward-thinking leaders are making the same decision.  It’s a strategic move that promises greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. 

The first, and most crucial step in this journey is finding the right partner to implement a solution that ensures the long-term success of your project.  One of the most effective ways to do that is through a Request for Proposal (RFP). 

As the market leader in country coverage, LoopUp participates in many RFPs for large multinationals. Our extensive experience has provided us with valuable insights into effective RFPs that help identify the right partner, maximize value, mitigate risks, and drive rapid change.

Key Pillars of our Toolkit

Clearly Defined Project Objectives 

We’ve clearly defined your project objectives to ensure suppliers can highlight the most important elements in their responses, leading to a streamlined and engaging evaluation process.

Detailed Project Scope and Desired Solution

We’ve provided a detailed project scope, outlining specific features, functionalities, scale of implementation, and customization needs. This helps vendors understand your expectations and assess their ability to meet your requirements.

A Comprehensive List of Questions

We’ve included a thorough list of questions covering all aspects of the proposed solution. These questions probe into vendor capabilities, experience, and implementation strategies, helping you gauge each vendor’s suitability.

An Appropriate Timeline with Realistic Milestones

We’ve set a realistic timeline with clear milestones. This ensures both you and the vendors can manage expectations, stay on track, and submit comprehensive proposals, benefiting your decision-making process.

Detailed Instructions for Submission

We’ve provided detailed submission instructions, including format, required documents, and specific information needed. Clear guidelines ensure you receive consistent and comparable proposals, making evaluation and selection easier.

Download The Definitive RFP Toolkit for Teams Telephony

Below, you’ll find links to each component of our RFP Toolkit that includes:

  1. Operator Connect RFP Guide: An RFP Guide that can easily be rebranded and used for your RFP. Download as Word format or alternatively download as PDF format.
  2. Annex A: RFP Technical Requirements. A list of technical requirements that includes scoring to easily evaluate the responses from potential suppliers.
  3. Annex B: RFP Commercial Requirements. A pricing template to release to suppliers.
  4. RFP Guide Operator Connect Usage Statistics Template. A template for you to collect usage statistics to include with your RFP.

By following our expert advice and using our toolkit, you will streamline your RFP process, and find the partner that is best-placed to deliver your solution. Don’t leave your transition to chance—equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge to make an informed decision.

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