FAQs – PGi Reseller FAQ for the transition to LoopUp

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) will continue to be updated (last updated 21 September 2022)

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Can we delay the transition date?
Timescales for the Transition
What are you doing to make this transition as seamless as possible?
What information needs to be communicated to our end users?
How will new users be added?
Does the LoopUp service work with Adobe Connect?
Can the service be branded?
How can I find more information about the LoopUp Product?
Who will be my account manager?
What is LoopUp’s support model?
Billing and CDR’s
What are LoopUp’s wholesale rates?
Are you able to provide details of how the LoopUp product compares to PGi?
Reseller training and walk throughs
Reseller support urgent and special cases
Customer admin portal access
Is there an end user “my account” area?
Is there a reseller portal?
Are there important actions customers can take to prepare for the transition?
Will my GlobalMeet Outlook plugin still work?
Will PGi’s Adobe connector continue to work?

To see FAQs for PGi account administrators and bill-payers, visit this page.