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Blog: Driving business efficiency & collaboration with Kia Motors America

When it comes to technology use in almost any corporate environment, you’ll encounter staff with varying levels of comfort. From the technophobe who transcribes everything on paper to the app fiend who can usually be found on several devices at once – always with the latest downloads. This becomes especially relevant when dealing with collaboration and communication tools. Done right, companies can bridge the gap between staff across oceans, virtually. Fail and you’ll find you have signed up for a very expensive digital paperweight that most will avoid at all cost.

Committed to creating a corporate culture where communication and cooperation are at the center, Kia Motors America has collaboration as one of the five core values of the brand.

This principle was instrumental in choosing a new conferencing tool. Teamwork is a foundational element of business at Kia, and this can only occur when the right tools make it a seamless piece of the process.

For Hilary Grieve, Corporate Administration Manager at Kia Motors America, this means enabling technology that empowers employees and partners work together better. “Conferencing is a critical part of that equation,” said Grieve.

“We’re expected to apply our core company values to decision-making at every level of the business,” said Grieve.

That’s why after seven years with another audio conferencing provider, the group decided it was time to explore alternative options for a remote meetings tools, one that would prove more intuitive across their user base.

“We needed a solution that was up-to-date, simple enough for anyone to use, and that would make it easier for them to connect and communicate day-to-day.”

Kia landed on LoopUp due to a number of factors, including:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Visual interface
  • Integrations with Outlook
  • Mobile capabilities
  • And transparency into pricing

“LoopUp was an obvious choice for us for a number of reasons, most importantly, we’re getting a better product for the price,” said Grieve.

Overall, said Grieve, LoopUp improved the ease of getting staffers to attend calls efficiently, “because you can just click the link to join, it means everyone can get to work faster.”

To get all the details around Kia Motors America choice of a premium remote meeting experience with LoopUp, you can view the full Kia Customer Story.

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