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LoopUp at ILTACON 2018!

ILTACON 2018 kicks off today in the Washington D.C. area. Throughout the week, brands and vendors will showcase new tech built to improve how attorneys work with their clients as well as share and store their information. Yet, one area often goes overlooked in this arena.

The gaping hole in client security

When it comes to your important day-to-day conference calls, could you confidently say you always know who’s attending or speaking at any given time? Most do not.

In fact, a study on the impact of common conferencing behaviors found that more than 50% of frequent conference callers considered it ‘normal’ not to know the identity of everyone on their calls. With sensitive client information regularly shared in these meetings, there should be no question with whom such details are being discussed.

Where LoopUp comes in

It starts with the join link found in our meeting invites. By clicking on the link and entering a preferred number for contact, LoopUp guides attendees (hosts and guests alike) through a streamlined experience offering complete visibility into who’s on the line and who’s speaking throughout your call.

No longer do attendees need to vocally identify, or ask for roll call, or trust in the fact that the person on the other end of the line is who they say. LoopUp does that part for you.

Want to see how?

We’ll be demonstrating our approach for providing secure remote meetings to visitors at ILTA’s four-day educational conference.

Catch us at booth 109 for a look at how LoopUp helps legal firms host secure remote meetings in numerous regions. And, find us at the following ILTA activities this week:

  • Monday: stop by the booth this evening for some video-gamed themed activities and treats.
  • Tuesday: catch us at the morning keynote where we’ll address our take on the issue of user adoption when it comes to conferencing software.
  • All week: you can find us at early morning yoga, or stop one of the folks in a LoopUp polo for a chat.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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