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On Q Financial: A more engaging meeting experience with LoopUp

How a top US mortgage lender transformed the meeting experience for its staff and clients by switching to LoopUp

On Q Financial is a leading US mortgage lender, providing expert advice, high quality service and a consultative approach to mortgage financing. With more than 600 employees in over 90 locations across the US, keeping employees connected with each other and with their clients is essential.

Lack of control and functionality

Ben Holland is the Vice President of Marketing at On Q Financial. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the company’s marketing campaigns and operations. On Q Financial had been using a traditional dial-in system for their remote meetings but decided they needed a product that offered them more visibility and functionality.

After coming across LoopUp, the IT team decided to run a pilot with key users to assess its performance and suitability. The overall feedback was very positive, so LoopUp was rolled out across the business. The product deployment was quick and seamless. LoopUp set up new accounts, sent out user activation emails and hosted 15-minute introductory sessions for users.

Security and visibility on every call

On Q Financial employees were particularly impressed by the visibility and control LoopUp offered them. When hosts and guests join a LoopUp call by clicking the meeting link, they have access to a range of meeting controls. They are able to see who is on the call, who is speaking and can mute, add, or remove guests.

“It’s great that we can see exactly what is going on during a meeting”, said Ben. “If anyone is introducing background noise, we can mute them. It’s also very important for security reasons to be able to have control over who is in your meeting”. LoopUp is also certified to ISO/IEC 27001 for information security management and all data is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

Making communication easier

Another popular LoopUp feature at On Q Financial is the ability to join a call by clicking a link. Users click the LoopUp meeting link, enter their name and phone number and LoopUp calls them. There are no downloads required and the interface is intuitive enough for first-time users. “LoopUp really makes communicating very easy”, said Ben. On average, 96% of On Q Financial users are no longer dialing in to their meetings and are using the LoopUp meeting link instead.

A consistently reliable audio experience

Unlike other web conferencing providers, LoopUp routes all audio over regular phone lines, not over VoIP, for increased reliability. “We have never had to contact LoopUp’s customer support and never had any complaints”, explained Ben. “The calls are all consistent and without any hiccups. It really is a great platform and we love using it”.

An essential tool for remote working

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and employees were forced to work remotely, On Q Financial became even more reliant on LoopUp. “LoopUp is our primary communication tool”, explained Ben. “Client pitches, company-wide calls, training sessions and department meetings are all done on LoopUp. If we need to communicate with colleagues or clients verbally, it’s always via a LoopUp call. Since we became 100% remote at the start of lockdown, I spend around 6-8 hours a day on LoopUp”.

A picture is worth a thousand words

On Q Financial also saw productivity and time-saving improvements from using LoopUp. “The screen share feature has really improved our productivity”, said Ben. “When you are explaining something it’s so much easier to just walk them through it. A picture is worth a thousand words. LoopUp also allows for multiple presenters on a call as one person can take over screen sharing from another”. LoopUp allows users to share their screen with one click and content can be viewed on any device. On average, 91% of users at On Q Financial are regularly using LoopUp’s screen share feature.

On Q Financial users can also record their meetings and share with anyone who is not able to attend. “The recording feature is very helpful to us as it allows us to share training sessions with staff that may have missed them”, said Ben. “We have a whole library of trainings that we have recorded on LoopUp”.

Keeping it personal with high-quality video

LoopUp allows users to share video with one click for more engaged meetings. “Video helps us to get to know each other better”, explained Ben. “We have used LoopUp’s video a lot more whilst working remotely during the pandemic. That personal interaction makes it feel more like a normal situation. I love to see the smiling faces of my team. LoopUp’s video feature works very well and is always great quality”.

Unlike other video conferencing providers, LoopUp separates the audio and video media streams to ensure the quality and reliability of the audio is not compromised by poor web connectivity. All LoopUp audio is carried over regular, reliable phone lines, and critically not over the public internet. Video is streamed over a separate IP path.

A leader in quality, service and price

On Q Financial were using a traditional dial-in solution which only offered basic functionality. The company began looking for an alternative conferencing solution that would offer more visibility and control. After discovering LoopUp, On Q Financial implemented the solution company-wide. Employees can now access screen sharing and video for increased engagement and productivity on every call.  “When you compare LoopUp with other solutions out there, it always comes out on top for quality, simplicity, customer service and price”, said Ben. “LoopUp is the only conferencing solution for us”.

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