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Episode 2 – Teams Calling: Direct Routing, Operator Connect or Calling Plans?

Talking Teams Direct Routing

LoopUp Live: Talking Teams is a live webcast series, taking place via LinkedIn to look at how businesses can migrate their enterprise telephony to Microsoft Teams Calling and the best practices to support their journey. 

In our second episode, our Host Ben Lee LoopUp’s Microsoft Technology Lead, spoke with Jason Sloan, LoopUp’s Senior Director about the options for businesses as they weigh options for delivering telephony in Teams, via Direct Routing, Calling Plans or Operator Connect.

Together, they discussed:

  • How Calling Plans differ from Direct Routing
  • When you might choose one over the other
  • An introduction to Operator Connect
  • How Direct Routing can provide flexibility for deployment options and integrations
  • Cost considerations of Calling Plans vs Direct Routing solutions

Upcoming Event

Catch our next episode of LoopUp Live: Talking Teams here on the 30th September at 4pm.

In this episode of Talking Teams, LoopUp’s Microsoft Technology Lead Ben Lee will be joined by Senior Vice President for Telecommunications Strategy Steve McGeary. They’ll discuss how to deploy Teams Calling so that it is legally compliant in every country and delivers a comprehensive set of PSTN features to all users, including emergency calling.

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