Make video-enabled meeting rooms available for everyone

LoopUp Rooms transforms regular meeting rooms into high quality, easy-to-use video conferencing rooms. Now all your employees can have access to the facilities they need for better, more secure remote meetings.

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Host video conferences that are as effective as face-to-face meetings

As remote working becomes the new normal for many, an increasing number of meetings take place as video conferences. Businesses need more meeting rooms equipped with technology that allows employees to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues, wherever they may be.

But until recently, video conferencing suites were expensive to install, inflexible and complex to use – not to mention inaccessible to most employees. LoopUp Rooms is a simple, cost-effective solution that converts regular meeting rooms into video-enabled spaces, making remote meetings more engaging, productive and secure for everyone.

Optimise every meeting room for video conferences with LoopUp Rooms

LoopUp Rooms

LoopUp Rooms use off-the-shelf hardware components that can be sourced from your regular IT supplier. And they’re simple to set up – LoopUp Rooms is browser-based, so there’s no custom software for you to install.

LoopUp Rooms connects these components together:

  • A large display screen to see other guests and content that’s being shared
  • A web camera that captures everyone in the room so other guests can see you
  • A mini PC to access LoopUp meetings through a regular web browser
  • A touchscreen controller for users to join and control their meeting
  • A conference room phone for reliable, high-quality audio at all times

It takes just a few minutes for your IT team to turn a regular meeting room into a video-enabled LoopUp Room – and you’re ready to host your first video conference!

Improve collaboration and customer engagement with LoopUp Rooms

LoopUp Rooms provides users with the technology they need for better, more productive video conferences. And because it’s simple and cost-effective to deploy, businesses can video-enable all their meeting rooms, making the technology available to everyone.

LoopUp security

Better, more productive remote meetings

With LoopUp Rooms, video conferences can be as effective as in-person meetings – in a secure environment that’s optimised for engagement between on-site and remote participants.

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Video conferencing rooms for everyone!

LoopUp Rooms turns regular meeting rooms into state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms, so your employees will always have access to the facilities they need for important remote meetings.

Meeting room scheduling made easy

Easy to schedule and join a meeting

LoopUp Rooms integrates with your Outlook calendar, allowing you to book meeting rooms in a couple of clicks. Join your meeting with one touch from the LoopUp Rooms meeting touchscreen controller.

Enhance the LoopUp experience

Enhance the LoopUp experience

You’ll have access to the same great features you get with LoopUp’s remote meetings solution – audio reliability, powerful collaboration tools and a simple user interface.

Simple setup and maintenance

Simple to deploy

Installing LoopUp Rooms couldn’t be easier. Full set-up takes under an hour, and our simple guide will take you through the process step-by step.

No licence costs or fixed fees

Cost-effective solution

LoopUp Rooms uses off-the-shelf hardware that can be sourced from your regular IT supplier, and there are no licence fees or set-up charges –usage costs are included in your regular LoopUp plan.

An intuitive user experience for better, more productive meetings

A LoopUp Rooms meeting is as simple as a regular LoopUp meeting to book, join and manage – no training required! This means your meetings will always start on time, and it’s easy to share content with guests in real time to make the meeting more productive.

Intuitive user experience
  • 1. Book a LoopUp Room for your meeting

    Just add the LoopUp Room to your LoopUp meeting invite. The meeting room will be booked for you in your office and your meeting will be added to the touchscreen controller calendar.
  • 2. Join your meeting from the LoopUp Room

    When you enter the meeting room, you’ll see your meeting displayed on the touchscreen controller calendar. Use the touchscreen to join the meeting and the conference room phone will ring. When you accept the call, you’ll be connected to the meeting.
  • 3. Manage your meeting from the touchscreen controller

    If you’re the host, you can control the meeting just like a regular LoopUp meeting – add late joiners, mute background noise or record the meeting with just one click.
  • 4. Share content with other guests

    Join the meeting from your PC or other device and click ‘share my screen’ - no cables or downloads required. Your content will appear on the large display screen and will be visible to other guests.

Simple and cost-effective for IT teams to deploy

LoopUp Rooms use off-the-shelf hardware, making them cost-effective. A meeting room that already contains a display screen and a phone can be turned into a LoopUp room for as little as $1,400, depending on the hardware selected. And because LoopUp Rooms is browser-based, there’s no custom software to install, making it possible to set up a LoopUp Room in less than an hour.

Simple setup process
  • 1. Source Windows-compatible hardware

    Choose your display screen, web camera, mini PC, touchscreen controller and conference room phone using our list of hardware requirements at a cost that suits you, or use existing equipment.
  • 2. Configure your hardware

    Refer to LoopUp’s simple set-up guide to get started. LoopUp Rooms runs on a web browser, so there is no custom software or complex installation required. It takes less than 30 minutes to configure the hardware for a room.
  • 3. Create or locate a calendar resource for each LoopUp Room

    LoopUp Rooms works with your Outlook 365 Calendar – just associate each LoopUp Rooms instance with a meeting room entity so that meetings are added to the calendar touchscreen controller in that room.
  • 4. Activate your LoopUp Rooms

    Contact LoopUp’s customer support team to enable LoopUp Rooms for your account – and experience better, more engaged video conferences that your users will love