451 Research Report: Go-to-market strategies for collaboration SaaS vendors – LoopUp, Slack and Dropbox

From cloud computing in the workplace to the changing ways employees communicate and collaborate, 451 Research looks at how various SaaS vendors are shaping digital transformation in the enterprise.

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Competing in a crowded space with large enterprise conferencing providers, LoopUp has developed an incentivized sales program, which has resulted in lower churn rate, high profitability and predictable growth.

In this report from 451 Research, you’ll get a detailed look at LoopUp’s go-to-market model, including:

  • The unconventional mechanics that make LoopUp sales ‘pods’ work
  • A breakdown of the recruitment, hiring and onboarding process
  • A high-level look at the company against competitors
  • Overview of product differentiation and target audience

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