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LoopUp Introduces Desktop Video Conferencing Feature

New functionality allows hosts to add video streaming to their conference calls

LONDON, UK – 7 June 2019 – LoopUp Group PLC (LSE AIM: LOOP), the premium remote meetings company, today announced the introduction of a new functionality that allows hosts to enable desktop video streaming on their conference calls. LoopUp has always maintained an audio-first approach to conference calling but increasing demand for face-to-face video conferencing in specific circumstances has led to the development of a video feature that complements the LoopUp product.

LoopUp Video UI Booker Host View

Other leading collaboration software providers in the industry tend to have a ‘video-first’ approach when it comes to their video conferencing strategy. They often require a software download and for guests to initially turn on their cameras as they join meeting, which can be disconcerting and unnecessary for many. These products also deliver VoIP audio via the PC and public internet, which can be unreliable.

Unlike these video conferencing providers, LoopUp separates the audio and video media streams to ensure the quality and reliability of the audio is not compromised by poor web connectivity. All LoopUp audio is still carried over tier-1 networks with managed quality or service, and critically not over the public internet. Video is streamed over a completely separate IP path.

LoopUp recognises that video can provide clear value when guests are truly equally-engaged, for example in interviews, board meetings and group presentations. However, in many instances video can be counter-productive or unnecessary in a meeting. LoopUp’s video implementation puts this decision at the sole discretion of the meeting host, who will generally have the best view as to the value of video on that particular meeting. If the host decides to enact video, then, and only then, will guests be opt-in invited to turn on their cameras.

LoopUp video will now be rolled out to all customers in a phased programme. Like everything in the LoopUp product, there are no licence fees and pricing is simply on a pay-for-it-you-use-it basis. LoopUp’s video implementation requires no downloads and is available via regular mainstream PC and tablet browsers via WebRTC technology.

Steve Flavell and Michael Hughes, co-CEOs of LoopUp, commented:

“This is major step for the LoopUp product and comes after years of research into how to implement video in a way that our target market will recognise. There are many feature-rich collaboration software products out there which are purpose-built for early tech adopters or specialist IT teams. A video-first approach will work well for them. LoopUp is a product designed for mainstream conference callers who – prior to LoopUp – were still dialing into their conference calls with phone numbers and access codes, rather than using any software for a better meeting experience. LoopUp’s video strategy is designed for a target market of mid-large enterprises and professional services firms who seek a reliable conference calling experience. We keep the experience simple, unintimidating and consumable in the heat of the moment on a live multi-party meeting. It is very much ‘video the LoopUp way’ and we’re excited about impact that we believe this approach can have in the mainstream user market.”

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