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Devices and hardware for Microsoft Teams Calling

A key part of any organisation’s successful deployment to cloud telephony is its device strategy. Employees will need the right tools to carry out their work. Handsets and desk phones represent a significant investment you don’t want to get wrong.

Our new guide on devices and hardware for Microsoft Teams Calling looks at what your options are, what will work best for your enterprise and the factors to consider.

Cloud-based phone systems have reinvented the way people take and make telephone calls at work. Flexible cloud solutions like Microsoft Teams Calling are replacing traditional on-premises PBX systems – and for good reason. Cloud-based telephony brings a transformational range of benefits including reduced costs and increased employee productivity.

With systems such as Teams telephony, you don’t even need a handset to make a call, and phone numbers are no longer tied to a specific phone, they are linked to a Teams user.

But, to get the most out of cloud telephony and to reduce any unnecessary upfront costs, it’s essential to select the right devices for your organisation’s needs. 

As well as helpful tips on best use, our report on Devices and hardware for Microsoft Teams Calling delves into:

  • What to look for when choosing headsets for staff: how to allocate resources and assess financial investment
  • The different kinds of noise-suppression headsets and how to minimise background noise and interference
  • Microsoft-certified headsets and native touch phones – do you need devices designed specifically with Teams in mind? 
  • Video-calling phones, mobile stations and USB handsets
  • What types of devices are most effective for shared areas such as meeting rooms and reception?
  • Should businesses encourage staff to use their own devices?

The LoopUp guide is free to download – simply click here for your copy.

To find out more about getting the most out of your communication systems, contact us here

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