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LoopUp events wrap-up: Spring 2017

Across the enterprise, digital tools are enabling the workforce to better connect, communicate and collaborate in and out of the office. However, this raises a number of questions around not only if such innovations are possible, but where they are needed against other areas where they are simply creating noise.

As we become increasingly integrated through mobile devices, connected devices, smart devices and more, there are risks to the security of these devices and the data on them. Or in some cases, to the people and groups connected through them. Security can be an easily overlooked element of any collaborative environment.

The beginning of 2017 saw our teams visiting a number of industry events to speak with audiences on everything from conference call security to the future of collaboration. We engaged with attendees in these very discussions around remote meetings and their ability to create easier and more secure collaborative spaces.

Here’s a quick roundup of the latest LoopUp events and all the activity onsite.

British Legal Technology Forum

There was a lot of buzz at #BTLF2017, Europe’s largest legal tech conference where professionals from both industries came together to discuss the future of technology in the legal space. Part of the conversations revolved around new and current technologies and the paramount importance of protecting valuable information shared through digital exchanges in an era where everything is connected.

This holds particularly true in the arena of remote meetings when clients and other parties join together in an virtual manner. How do you make sure the information discussed is secured if you don’t even know who’s on the line?

Co-CEO, Steve Flavell, spoke at the event on such holes in client security when it comes to traditional conferencing tools, for instance being able to clearly identify attendees to your remote meetings and what users should look for in their tools to address such issues.

Visitors to the LoopUp stand were able to further see such scenarios in practice with demonstrations of how LoopUp keeps users constantly aware of who’s on and talking throughout the course of every remote meeting.


Enterprise Connect

At the end of March, the LoopUp team visited #EC17 in Orlando, Florida, where team collaboration was the hot topic on everyone’s minds.

Enterprise Connect is the place to be when it comes to leading discussions around enterprise networks and communications. Here, IT decision makers can meet with analysts, industry vendors and more to learn more about emerging technologies – from public and private cloud to online collaboration tools.

Top of mind though across the conference was the topic of user experience. There seemed to be agreement throughout the event that even the most prolific of technological advancements fall short if the first point of contact with a tool is cumbersome and difficult to use.

With LoopUp, collaboration through screen sharing and web conferencing is easy to navigate for users – saving time and money through more intuitive integrations. Demos at the booth showed visitors how to join meetings, add guests, even share your screen with a single click.

It’s clear that the need to connect across platforms, and in a way that the majority of users can enter into with ease, is coming front of mind to individuals and brands alike.

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