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LoopUp Plants 30,000 Trees!

LoopUp 30K Trees

In September 2019, LoopUp reached a very green milestone. Through our partnership with Green Earth Appeal, a member of the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign, we’ve planted more than 30,000 trees! With each tree we plant, harmful gases are reduced and with every conference call we host and journey we save, we edge ever closer to a greener planet.

When it comes to business travel, we’re often so wrapped up in our projects and deadlines that we forget how much our jet setting contributes to the devastating impacts of global warming. The Guardian recently found 2019 to be a record-breaking year for air travel, with passengers expected to fly a total of 8.1 trillion km – up more than 5% last year. What’s even more surprising is that taking one long-haul flight generates more CO2 than the average person generates in a whole year in dozens of countries around the world.

With thanks to conferencing technology, it’s no longer essential to travel abroad for business meetings. Conference calls enable efficient communication with clients and colleagues across the globe. While in-person meetings can be beneficial from time-to-time, features like video allow us to host engaging meetings from the comfort of our desks and homes, saving time, money and – most importantly – our planet.

Why plant trees?

So, where does tree planting tie into all of this? Since the beginning of our partnership with Green Earth Appeal 4 years ago, we’ve been planting a tree for every person that completes their LoopUp profile setup. By encouraging our users to upload a profile photo and download tools like video and screen share, we know that we’re setting them up for more engaging calls. All of these little features mount up to something rather satisfying – productive remote meetings. And we know that it works.

The more that we can encourage usage, the less that people will physically travel to client meetings. Why lose a day faffing around with airport security and fake smiling our way through measly airplane meals when we could hop on a 30-minute call that yields the same business outcome? Sounds silly, really.

Green Earth Appeal

We’re working with Green Earth Appeal who are a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been changing the lives of some of the poorest communities for the past 10 years. As a member of the United Nations Billon Tree Campaign, they are one of 61 members that have planted a combined 15 billion trees since 2006!

The fruit trees have aided thousands of communities in Central America, Africa and Asia. These trees serve not only to produce oxygen and absorb CO2, but also provide food and revenue for the local communities in which they’re planted. By financing and teaching rural groups to grow renewable forests, Green Earth Appeal are building sustainable and productive communities who provide woodland for agriculture, food, construction and water collection.

Plant with us

With LoopUp, doing your bit for the planet couldn’t be any simpler. If you already have an account, all you need to do is complete your profile setup and we’ll plant a tree on your behalf. 30,000+ LoopUp users 100% set up across their accounts = 30,000 trees planted, there’s nothing more to it. Sign in to and click on the setup wizard in the bottom left-hand corner to reveal the steps below.

LoopUp Set-Up Wizard

The green smiling faces to the left of each setup activity mean they’re complete. If the faces are all green, then we’ve already planted a tree on your behalf! If not, complete the list to support this initiative with us.

Haven’t got a LoopUp account yet? Click here to find out how we can help your firm to save time and reduce unnecessary business travel.

Want to know more?

At the heart of LoopUp’s corporate social strategy is our intention to make a difference in three distinct areas: environmental, youth skills and digital talent. If you would like to know more about the initiatives and steps LoopUp is taking in these areas, please get in touch at or follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

About LoopUp

At LoopUp, we understand that your client conference calls really matter – all of them. LoopUp ensures a simple, seamless user experience and reliable audio quality without compromise. Over 7,000 clients worldwide trust LoopUp with their remote meetings. You’ll find us in 17 global office locations, working around the clock to help firms unlock the true potential of conference calls.

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