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Steve Flavell on CNBC: LoopUp in a different playing field from other providers

Most business people find themselves on at least one conference call in any given workday.

What they also find is that on about every one of those calls something is bound to hold things up, derailing quality discussion. From late joiners and figuring out who’s on the line to background noise and bad connections, these issues are an unfortunately accepted facet of most business-related conference calls – and have been for more than two decades.


Identifying the problem

Well, according to co-CEO, Steve Flavell, it all comes down to where these scenarios are playing out. In spite of large tech firms being in the market, these problems have not been solved by traditional tech adoption trends.

“If you think about how most people adopt technology, it’s often through a process of trial and error. They’ll try pressing some buttons, see what happens, and over time you either become comfortable with some software or you don’t,” Flavell said.

But this is not the case when it comes to conference calls. Picture this:

“You’re in the hot seat as host of a remote meeting, live with multiple clients, and colleagues, and you just don’t want things to go wrong. You don’t want lots and lots of features. You want something simple that you can understand,” he continued.

The result being that most people then revert to the outdated practice of dial-in, which can cause a slew of security and usability issues.

Flavell spoke with CNBC recently about this conundrum plaguing the industry, why it hasn’t been addressed by tech giants in the space, and how LoopUp looks to solve this.

Developing the solution

By identifying particular pain points experienced in most conference calls scenarios, LoopUp’s own conferencing platform works to significantly reduce such issues through an intuitive and simplified interface. Because of this, users don’t need to worry about looking foolish on a call due to over-complicated tech, but can focus on the important business at hand.

“We exist to make conference calls less painful,” Flavell said. “I think the world has had to put up with some classic frustrations in conferencing for 25 years now. And, I think the heart of the reason that LoopUp exists is to recognize why that has not been solved before.”

Relying on the biggest brand names in web and teleconferencing technology will get you some feature-rich options, many created to enhance the user experience – such as report desktop control, webinar hosting, polling, etc. However, the result, more often than not, is a feature-loaded tool that, while working well for specialists, isn’t viable for the everyday business user.

While this is understandable, there seems to be little innovation around the foundations of these technologies, which can cause the overall experience to suffer when it comes to call quality, security and simplicity of use.

See what Flavell has to say about how the LoopUp premium remote meeting experience addresses these issues. Watch the interview with CNBC.

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