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Why are business users still dialling in to conference calls?

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Conference calls are an important part of day-to-day business life. And yet, after decades of innovation, 70% of business users are still dialling in with phone numbers and access codes. They’re not using software for a better meeting experience.

Why do people continue to use dial-in conference calls?

Let’s face it, dialing in can be a frustrating experience.

  • You can’t tell who’s joined
  • You can’t see who’s speaking
  • You can’t share your screen easily
  • You can’t control external influences like background noise
  • It’s easy to lose codes and dial in numbers

And as well as wasting time, these issues may have significant security implications.

With such a poor user experience, and with so many remote meeting solutions available, why do so many people persist with dial-in?

The answer lies in how people adopt new software

Adopting new software typically involves a process of ‘trial and error’. This type of learning is fine for many software products, but it doesn’t work for remote meetings and other collaboration tools. If you’re a host, live in the ‘hot seat’ with multiple guests, the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong because you’re still learning a new product.

Dial-in may well be a poor experience. But it’s the safe bet.

Collaboration tools can be overwhelming and intimidating

Tech goliaths have tried to drag conferencing out of the ‘dark ages’ with feature-rich offerings. They have had some success with tech-savvy early adopters within organisations. But the mainstream majority are intimidated by product complexity and prefer to play it safe with dial-in. Their meeting experience remains poor, and IT decision-makers remain frustrated by the slow adoption of ‘better’ options.

There’s plenty of room for improvement.

A simpler, better remote meeting experience designed for the mainstream

So, are we doomed to a future of painful dial-in with its associated security issues? Certainly not. At LoopUp, we design our products specifically for the mainstream. In the risk-averse world of remote meetings, our mission is to move the 70% on from dial-in.

LoopUp doesn’t overwhelm users with features. We believe ‘less is more’ when it comes to remote meetings. Our simple interface guides users through an intuitive experience – no training required. We focus on delivering a reliable, high quality audio and visual experience on every call.

And it’s working. Our users are now foregoing dial-in 75% of the time. Instead, LoopUp calls out to a phone of their choice and guides them to a helpful interface where they can see ‘who just joined’ and ‘who’s speaking.’ Users can send invites in a couple of clicks from Outlook or the LoopUp account area, or share their screen with just one click – no downloads required to view.

Finally, dial-in can fade into the background, replaced by a new level of visibility and security.

Watch our video to learn more:

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