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Eversheds Sutherland Nicea Spain: Driving high-quality client communication with LoopUp

From a national company to a branch of a global law firm

Nicea Abogados was founded by five lawyers in Spain in 2009 to provide all aspects of legal support to small and mid-market companies. In 2011 Nicea Abogados formed an alliance with Eversheds Sutherland, one of the world’s largest law firms, becoming Eversheds Sutherland Nicea. The client base grew to include Eversheds Sutherland’s multinational clients that required local support in Spain, and the firm transitioned from a growth-orientated national company to the Spanish branch of a global law firm.

Manuel Asenjo has worked at Eversheds Nicea for 10 years. He started with the firm in the early years as an external contractor before taking an internal role. As the firm grew, he rose rapidly to become IT Director. Although now part of the Eversheds Sutherland international network, the firm still makes independent procurement decisions. As Manuel explains, “we have had instances where the services we have acquired here have expanded to other Eversheds firms because the HQ considered these tools to be interesting to the entire firm.”

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Time for something better

When Eversheds Nicea‘s previous conferencing provider went into administration unexpectedly in early 2019, the firm was left without a conference call tool. Manuel looked for an alternative. “We were previously using a very poor-quality audioconferencing service and it didn’t work as well as it should have. Conference calls are not simple phone calls. We need to speak with multiple parties situated in different parts of the world, so it needs to work,” said Manuel. “Our previous solution was also very feature heavy, so we began looking for a solution that would be simple, high quality and price competitive”.

Quality, simplicity and cost: the holy grail of conference calls

At the time Manuel began his search, LoopUp had just opened a new office in Madrid. “When I first got a demo of LoopUp I recognized that this was a very valuable tool that would cover all our necessities. None of the other solutions we saw met our expectations of simplicity,” said Manuel. “LoopUp was simple to use and offered at a reasonable price, whilst having superior audio quality”.

The procurement process was quick and seamless. “The LoopUp team that visited us were very well trained on the functionalities and technical details of the product. They really listened to our needs and put a lot of effort into showing us how the product would solve all our pain points and some of the improvements they were making, like the ability for co-branding,” said Manuel.

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Piloting LoopUp with the key stakeholders

Eversheds Nicea piloted LoopUp with key users from across the firm to assess its performance and suitability. Manuel was particularly keen to test the product with one key user group: the secretaries. At Eversheds Nicea, secretaries schedule meetings for lawyers and partners and spend more time using conference calling tools than anyone else.

“For me, their opinion was really important,” said Manuel. “Secretaries are the heart and soul of any law firm and are the ones running the office and scheduling the meetings. They are the ones that suffer if the conferencing technology doesn’t work. So, their opinion was critical in deciding if we were going to purchase LoopUp”. After trying the product, the secretaries were enthusiastic about LoopUp.

The next stage of the decision-making process involved the Managing Director. After positive feedback from the pilot, he supported the decision to select LoopUp. Manuel was now able to roll out the product across the firm.

LoopUp becomes part and parcel of life at Eversheds Nicea

“There was no need to make any big changes because LoopUp integrated completely with our own systems, so we didn’t have to install any specialist phone lines,” said Manuel. “LoopUp takes advantage of your current infrastructure to provide the right level of audio quality for your firm”. LoopUp was rolled out quickly across all departments. Each secretary had their own account which could be used to schedule meetings for any team within the firm. If a partner wanted to host a LoopUp call, a secretary would schedule it for them. To provide the best possible experience for clients, LoopUp is used for all calls that involve more than two people, as well as all international calls. “We use LoopUp for 90% of all our communication,” said Manuel. “LoopUp is part and parcel of our lives here. We have incorporated the tool into our everyday work. LoopUp is like our Office 365 – it’s part of our catalogue of office tools and completely indispensable. If we didn’t have it, we’d have a big problem”.

Delivering on the promise of reliable audio quality

After Manuel made the decision to roll out LoopUp, he was keen to see how it performed. “My main concern was around quality,” said Manuel. “Would it match my expectations? LoopUp has delivered on its promise of audio quality. The product is continually improving and I am seeing more and more firms using LoopUp. It makes me feel like I made the right decision”.

In addition, Eversheds Nicea saw productivity improvements from using LoopUp. Previously they frequently had to repeat or restart calls because of audio quality issues. LoopUp carries audio over PSTN, rather than VoIP over the public internet, so users never experience poor audio on their conference calls due to bandwidth issues. “We had complaints about our previous provider. Since we have been using LoopUp, those complaints don’t exist anymore. Everyone is happy”, said Manuel. “In my 30 years of professional service, this has been one of the best technology providers I have come across – I can’t say anything negative”.

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Joining a meeting by simply answering a call

One popular LoopUp feature at Eversheds Nicea is the ability to join a call by clicking a link. Secretaries often start meetings on behalf of lawyers. With this feature they can instruct LoopUp to dial out to the lawyer’s phone so they can join by simply answering the call – no more scrambling for dial-in numbers and access codes. Manuel’s colleagues can also transfer LoopUp calls from one device to another. When meetings overrun and partners need to take a taxi to their next meeting, they can continue the meeting on their mobile phone while travelling. “With LoopUp I can access a call from any device. If I am in front of the computer, great! If not, can use the app from my mobile”, said Manuel. “Our lawyers are constantly on the move and need to take their calls in a taxi, on the street or at the airport”.

Global communication with local support

“I’m so at ease with LoopUp that it feels like we have been using it for longer than we actually have. We hope to use it for many more years to come. Any business that is looking for a conferencing solution to solve their problems with complexity, infrastructure or lack of quality should try LoopUp. And the price is worth it. You are getting quality for a good price”, said Manuel. What really stood out for Manuel was the level of support and care from the local LoopUp team. “LoopUp’s customer service, from pre to post sales, has been exceptional. The team have been attentive and considerate. We rarely have to reach out to them but when we do, they are always ready to help.”

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