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Ronan Daly Jermyn: Driving high-quality collaboration with LoopUp

How a top Irish law firm increased productivity and improved the meeting experience for lawyers by switching to LoopUp 

Ronan Daly Jermyn (RDJ) is a leading Irish law firm advising a broad range of clients across a number of sectors, including scaling and established Irish companies, multinationals, financial institutions and global insurance companies. The firm has offices in Cork, Dublin, Galway and London, and has over 260 employees. 

Scrambling for dial in numbers and access codes

Connie Wiseman is CIO at RDJ. He is responsible for the firm’s information and communications strategy. RDJ had been using a traditional dial-in conferencing solution for their remote meetings but decided they needed a product that was easier to use and offered more functionality. “Our lawyers had to enter PINs and access codes to get onto a meeting”, explained Connie. “There is nothing worse than scrambling around for a PIN number 10 minutes before a call. Before every call, there was a general fear of it
going wrong”.

A conferencing solution designed for lawyers

Connie trialled various conferencing solutions before coming across LoopUp. “The first thing that struck me about LoopUp was their focus on the professional services sector”, said Connie. “They really understand the needs and pain points of lawyers and have designed a product to solve those problems”. 

RDJ piloted LoopUp with key users from across the firm to assess its performance and suitability. “We realised very quickly that the product has everything we would need”, said Connie. “It’s simple to use, has great collaboration features and offers our lawyers the flexibility to join calls from any device, no matter where they are”.

After a successful pilot, LoopUp was rolled out firm-wide. “My main concern was getting people to use it”, explained Connie. “We roll out around 10 products a year and we need our lawyers to squeeze time into their busy schedules to train themselves. But with LoopUp we didn’t have that problem because it is so easy to use – hardly any training is needed”. 

Joining a meeting with ease

One popular LoopUp feature at RDJ is the ability to join a call by clicking a link. Users click the LoopUp meeting link, enter their name and phone number and LoopUp calls them. They no longer have to remember dial-in numbers or access codes. “Our lawyers just send the link to clients and that’s it”, explained Connie. “LoopUp even integrates with Outlook so you can send meeting invites directly from your calendar”. 100% of RDJ users are no longer dialing in to their meetings and are using the LoopUp meeting link instead.

Conducting meetings on the go

LoopUp has also allowed lawyers at RDJ to conduct meetings on the go. “If our lawyers are travelling home on a Friday night and need to make a call, they just open the app on their mobile and pull in whoever they need for the meeting”, said Connie. LoopUp’s mobile app allows users to schedule, join and manage meetings directly from their mobile device. Users can also add guests to a meeting by entering their phone number and LoopUp will call out to them. Nearly a third of RDJ users are actively using the LoopUp mobile app.

Keeping the firm connected during COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and employees were forced to work remotely, RDJ became even more reliant on LoopUp. “I use LoopUp every morning for my COVID-19 team meeting and then I use it straight after for my IT meetings”, said Connie. “Everyone has embraced it. Once a week our partners meet on LoopUp and this is a group that never used or trusted conferencing platforms for their meetings. But they are confident using LoopUp”. LoopUp was even used by the firm’s auditors to conduct remote staff interviews for their ISO certification. 

More independence for partners 

LoopUp has given partners at RDJ more independence when it comes to setting up and running their own meetings. Previously, secretaries would schedule LoopUp meetings on behalf of their partners, but this changed when the firm became remote. “Our partners couldn’t ring a secretary to come in and set up their calls”, said Connie. “So, they had to start setting up their own calls. With LoopUp, it was quick and easy – they didn’t have any problems. The LoopUp team even conducted refresher demos for all our users during COVID-19”. 

Improving productivity

RDJ also saw productivity and time-saving improvements from using LoopUp. “Our 20-person management meeting would usually last two hours when it took place in person”, explained Connie. “With LoopUp, it’s much more efficient. The screen sharing feature means we can get work done instantaneously”. LoopUp allows users to share their screen with one click and content can be viewed on any device. RDJ users can also record their meetings and share with anyone who is not able to attend. 

Team building on LoopUp

LoopUp is also used for remote social and team-building activities. “We use LoopUp’s video feature to host Friday team drinks”, said Connie. “We also host fun weekly  employee competitions to see who can fry an egg the quickest or hold a plank for the longest. Being able to see your team members makes you feel connected”. LoopUp allows users to share video with one click for more engaged meetings.

Dedicated customer support

RDJ users were given access to training materials, a dedicated account manager and round-the-clock local customer service. “With the other big conferencing providers, if something goes wrong you can’t speak to anyone – there is no 1:1 interaction”, said Connie. “With LoopUp, we know if we have an issue, we will get immediate support. That’s what sets LoopUp apart”. 

A product that understands its users

RDJ were using a traditional dial-in solution which made it difficult to join meetings. Lawyers were often left scrambling for dial-in numbers and access codes before a call. After discovering LoopUp, RDJ implemented the solution firm-wide. Productivity across the firm has increased and lawyers can now schedule meetings with ease. “LoopUp has become our go-to product”, said Connie. “We use it so heavily that all of our clients and every law practice in Ireland has had a call with us over LoopUp. My advice to any other firm looking for a conferencing solution is to look for a company that really understands the end user like LoopUp does”.

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