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Dykema: Simplifying the meeting experience for attorneys with LoopUp

A leading US law firm switches to LoopUp for simpler and more reliable remote meetings

Dykema is one of the largest Midwest-based US law firms. For over 90 years, the firm has been serving business entities worldwide – from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – on a wide range of complex legal issues. Dykema has 13 strategically situated offices in Michigan, Illinois, Washington, D.C., Texas, California and Minnesota, and employs over 400 attorneys. 

Deteriorating service and support

Linda Boiu is the Telecommunications Analyst at Dykema. She is responsible for the budgeting, procurement and licensing of all collaboration software. The firm had been using a traditional dial-in conferencing solution for six years. The tool initially worked well for the firm but as time went on, the customer support and quality of service deteriorated. “It got to the point where we stopped calling them to report audio quality issues,” said Linda. “They always gave us the same response ‘there has been no trouble found.’ We knew there were outages on their side, but they never owned up to it.”

A chance encounter with LoopUp

A Dykema attorney experienced LoopUp for the first time during a call with their client. They were impressed with the product and recommended it to the IT department. “We weren’t aware of any other service out there that provided what we wanted,” said Linda. “Then, an attorney brought LoopUp to our attention.” Linda ran a comparison between their existing provider and LoopUp and concluded that the latter offered a better service and price.

A successful pilot

Dykema piloted LoopUp with key users from across the firm to assess its performance and suitability. “LoopUp was tested out by our IT team and some of our tech-savvy attorneys,” explained Linda. “It was apparent from day one of the pilot that we were going to switch to LoopUp. Our attorneys started hearing about the product from the pilot group and we started getting individual requests for LoopUp accounts before the pilot had even finished. A lot of people were really excited about the product, so we started rolling it out.”

LoopUp created an account for every user at Dykema and offered short demos to get the team started. “The majority of our attorneys aren’t very tech-savvy and need a bit of guidance when new technology is introduced,” said Linda. “Once the LoopUp team walked the attorneys through it, their feedback was ‘this tool is wonderful, why did we not have it before?’”

Attorneys schedule and join meetings with ease

Dykema attorneys were particularly impressed by how easy it is to schedule meetings. “When we select new technology, we make sure it caters for our attorneys,” explained Linda. “It needs to be easy to use. They are very busy people and don’t have time to figure out complicated tools. With LoopUp, they can schedule meetings in seconds, from their LoopUp account, from their mobile or directly from their Outlook calendar.” LoopUp’s mobile app allows users to schedule, join, and manage meetings directly from their mobile device and the Outlook plug-in means that meeting invites can be sent straight from their calendar. 100% of Dykema employees send meeting invites via the LoopUp Outlook plug-in.

LoopUp also makes it easy for hosts and guests to join a meeting. They click the meeting link, enter their phone number and LoopUp dials out to them. Hosts are able to see who is on the call, who is speaking and can mute, add or remove guests. “Our attorneys love how they can log in to a meeting and see who is on and who is talking,” said Linda. “It’s like being in a nice, comfortable meeting room with all your guests.” Although users can still dial in to their LoopUp meetings, they will not be able to access any of these meeting-enhancing features. On average, 96% of Dykema users are no longer dialing in to their meetings and are using the LoopUp meeting link instead.

The only conferencing solution for Dykema

Within a few weeks, people across the firm were using LoopUp for many of their calls. “Everyone in the firm is using LoopUp, from attorneys to record clerks,” said Linda. “The IT department use the screen share feature for training sessions. Our attorneys use the video feature for client meetings. It’s the only collaboration solution we use at Dykema.”

Exceptional customer support

Dykema users were given access to training materials, a dedicated account manager and round-the-clock local customer service. “For me as an IT person, good customer service is critical,” explained Linda. “Whether it is the account rep or the technical support team, they are always professional. I have yet to run across anyone in the technical support department who hasn’t been friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. If we ever have a call issue, which is rare, they always investigate it and give us a full report, even if the problem is not on LoopUp’s side. This is very valuable to me.”

LoopUp offers reporting on the quality of every call routing in the form of PESQ scoring. PESQ scoring algorithmically measures the quality of every call to better identify the cause of any issues. This also allows LoopUp to proactively intervene and re-route traffic if necessary.

A conferencing ‘lifesaver’

Dykema attorneys were using a traditional dial-in solution which only offered them basic functionality. Deteriorating customer support and quality of service from the existing provider was causing frustration across the firm. After discovering LoopUp, Dykema implemented the solution firm-wide. Attorneys can now schedule meetings with ease and effectively collaborate in real-time. “My advice to any other firm struggling with their existing conferencing solution is ‘abandon your sinking ship and jump on board with LoopUp because this is your lifesaver,” said Linda.

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