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How LoopUp can support large-scale remote working at your business

large-scale remote working

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Around the world, businesses are now planning for the very real possibility of having staff work from home for a period of weeks or months. Firms are responding to suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus by closing offices, and an increasing number of local authorities are recommending that workers stay at home, if possible, to delay the spread of coronavirus.

Businesses need an effective remote meeting tool to enable staff who are working from home to operate effectively. LoopUp is ideal for large-scale remote working, either as a primary solution or as a backup to other tools:

  • Simple to use for staff that are not regular users of remote meetings
  • Highly reliable at a time when networks are under increased strain
  • Quick to roll out with no set up cost or minimum charges
  • Stress-tested with measures in place to safeguard service and support

Simple to use

Just click the join link in the meeting invite and LoopUp calls your phone – it’s as simple as that. There are no downloads for guests to join. And it’s one more click to share your screen with guests or add video for more engaged meetings. Meeting invites can be sent directly from Outlook or from your account area. LoopUp is available in all major languages for a simple, intuitive user experience – no training required. See how it works here >>

Highly reliable

VoIP-based web or video conferencing solutions may not be suitable for large-scale remote working. Increased home working as a result of coronavirus puts the public internet under increased strain, and remote meeting participants may find that they don’t have sufficient bandwidth at home for reliable audio. With LoopUp, all audio is carried over regular phone lines, so your connection is 100% reliable.

Quick to roll out

LoopUp can be deployed across large enterprises in less than 24 hours with no set-up cost, no minimum contract and no user training required. It requires very few actions for your IT team to roll out, and all user support is provided by our Customer Success team. Because LoopUp uses pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for what you use, making it an ideal backup to existing web conferencing tools.


We have stress-tested our processes and infrastructure to ensure that we maintain our customer service delivery and support while call volumes are higher than normal and staff movements are disrupted. Network Operations, Customer Support and other operational teams are distributed across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific and operate a 24/7 ‘follow the sun’ approach. All our staff are ready and equipped to work from home securely.

Our infrastructure is distributed and load-balanced across data centres globally. We have multiple tier-1 telecommunications carrier redundancy in each data centre and we are working with our carriers to proactively manage risk and capacity. We have already seen a significant increase in demand for remote meetings in many countries. This has been accommodated by proactively increasing capacity, with no impact on service levels or audio reliability. Read our full business continuity statement here >>

How LoopUp can support large-scale remote working at your business

LoopUp is already used by over 5,000 organisations around the world. Contact one of our specialists to find out more about how LoopUp supports large-scale remote working, or experience LoopUp experience LoopUp for yourself with our Free Plan.

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