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Live webcast series on LinkedIn explores Microsoft Teams Calling

LoopUp Live

We’ve introduced a new live webinar series, taking place via LinkedIn to look at how businesses can migrate their enterprise telephony to Microsoft Teams Calling and the best practices to support their journey. 

Hosted by our very own Microsoft Technology Lead, Ben Lee, the ‘LoopUp Live: Talking Teams’ webinar series will explore what’s involved with Microsoft Teams Calling and some of the strategic advantages that businesses can tap into. 

Teams became the fastest-growing business app in Microsoft history. Microsoft’s cloud telephony component – Teams Calling – is set for a similar stratospheric rise. Launched just three years ago, Teams Calling has already seen Microsoft become the second biggest UCaaS provider in the world. 

The growth and adoption of Teams Calling has been phenomenal, but probably not surprising. For IT departments, Teams Calling eliminates complexity and cost from their operations. There’s also a clear productivity advantage in having a single unified interface for employees to use across all their communications.

But there are challenges to navigate in terms of international telephony. Telecommunications is a highly regulated industry and multinationals need a PSTN replacement solution that complies with local regulations in each country where they have users.

Over the series, Ben and his guests will take a deep dive into everything an IT decision maker needs to know about cloud telephony best practices and the pitfalls to avoid. 

Episode 1: Why should you replace your enterprise telephony with Microsoft Teams Calling?

Thursday 22nd July at 4pm BST / 8am PST

In our first episode Ben spoke with Graham Cropley, our Global Head of Consulting about what Teams Calling is and how to decide if it’s the right option for your organisation. Together they offered some practical advice about how businesses can migrate their enterprise telephony to Teams Calling. 

The session covered: 

  • What is calling in Teams
  • The pros and cons of migrating telephony to Teams Calling
  • Direct Routing vs. Teams Calling Plans
  • The process and steps involved in transitioning to Teams Calling 

Episode 2 – Direct Routing vs Calling Plans: Which approach to Microsoft Teams Calling is best for your business?

Thursday 29th August at 4pm BST / 8am PST

Businesses around the world are switching to Microsoft Teams Calling for increased flexibility, improved security and reduced costs. And you can too. First you need to decide how to connect to the public phone network – with Microsoft’s own Calling Plans, or Direct Routing from a service provider. 

In our second episode, Ben will speak with our Senior Director Jason Sloan and cover:

  • How Calling Plans differ from Direct Routing
  • When you might choose one over the other
  • How Direct Routing can provide flexibility for deployment options and integrations
  • Cost considerations of Calling Plans vs Direct Routing solutions

Episode 3 – Direct Routing vs Calling Plans: Which approach to Microsoft Teams Calling is best for your business?

Thursday 30th September at 4pm BST / 8am PST

Our third episode welcomed Steve McGeary, LoopUp’s SVP, Telecommunications Strategy and Graham Cropley, LoopUp’s Global Head of Consulting for a discussion on what multinationals can do to ensure best-in-class global coverage.

With Microsoft Teams Calling, employees around the world are able work off one consistent telephony platform, taking and making calls from anywhere needing only a suitable, internet-enabled device. But setting up the infrastructure to deploy Teams Calling is not without its challenges for multinationals. Telecommunications is a highly regulated industry and there are complex requirements to navigate in each site.

This episode covers:

  • The telecommunications challenges and the regulatory framework to navigate 
  • PSTN replacement and connectivity considerations 
  • How to overcome regulatory and PSTN complexities 
  • E911 compliance 
  • Steps to take to ensure global coverage with your telephony roll-out 

Let’s talk

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to migrate to Teams Calling, we’d love to help. 

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